DRaaS and Disrupting the Skys

So…I got lots of great response to my first post on v9 which was Veeam v9 is the new Bully in the neighborhood. I’m very happy that people like my funny point of view on things, this time it would be also less technical and more opinion wise, I’ve addressed the technical side at the end.

So let’s start talk about something very interesting that I liked which is basically more strategic then actually a feature for all customers. Lots of our customers are talking about disaster recovery and are always asking if they should put their solution to a private DR site, Hosted DR site or Cloud DR Site.

Until today I’ve always took that into encounter when doing sizing and writing a solution for a customer. If a customer has already a datacenter site with resources I would alwa
ys recommend using it, this would be most cost effective for the customer.

When a customer started to talk about buying a physical server or renting one and putting them into a hosting site for a target I started to think more. The thing is that if you start taking into encounter that the server needs also capacity, you need to size this server including speed of writing and IOPS etc., it’s starting to be a little harassing. I mean customers that don’t have a DR site usually are small ones meaning that they starting to think DRP within a budget and without over management.

Veeam pulled out a small bunny out of their hat I believe and it started in v8 with the Arsenal-Rabbit-out-of-a-Hat-e1414024953380Backup to cloud, BUT with the v9 they pulled a GIANT one. With the DRaaS they went and really said to all other Enterprise Backup Software’s that they are here to stay.

People will now say “Yes of course, DRaaS isn’t a Backup feature, Other software’s are only doing backup so it’s more a Disaster recovery software I should talk about “. Well I would say to that people that in the past when you said Data-Protection as a buzzword
you thought backup, but in 2016 you say backup and think Data-protection. When you think Data-Protection you can’t talk only about Backing up a piece of data without thinking about the DRP aspect of it. I mean it’s a little funny to call the methodology policy of every 24h to backup the data a “Data-Protection”. Just think coming to your boss saying , We’ll we can restore the functionality of this server ,
But…. Mmmmm you basically lost 12 Hours of work multiple 100 employees”. In that case I would take my stuff immediately without even saying Goodbye to the boos, I don’t even want to see his heart-attack happen.  Therefore, in my opinion only from a strategic point of view Veeam did a killer job on selecting this approach. Because features are something that always can be added and they are unlimited possibilities, it’s less amazing than to Choose a strategic view of the product.

I’ll publish in the next couple of days also a more technical inputs on how it looks like form the VCP side including print screens etc.

So…..Go 49ers ..I mean once you get to the superbowl and not just as guests 🙂 Good Luck Denver only because I like Orange as a color .


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