TeraSky’s 32 year journey to Google’s Next17

TeraSky is a boutique IT consulting and integration company that always had one main agenda, which is Focus on what you are good at and leave the rest for the others”. The initial company MBI started by a great man Michael Burstein and was mainly focused on providing Backup & Storage solutions in the mid 80s. The goal was to provide companies the ability to return from any type of disaster that was relevant at those days and during that providing the best support and technical assistance you would need. As the years passed and the market grew also the needs for additional services were needed for the same customers. MBI always invested their efforts where she thought there was a big challenge for the companies therefore they adopted additional services accordingly. MBI always stayed a boutique company which adopted additional expertise only where it was hard to do so, Where they saw a wall they found a way around it.

Even if you flippin’ fries at McDonald’s, if you are excellent, everybody wants to be in your line. Oprah Winfrey

Jumping twenty-two years ahead and there came along a company that saw all that uniqueness and wanted to be part of that journey , so in 2007 MBIwas acquired by one of the largest US based integration companies called Glasshouse. After a while that the waves got slightly still ,you didn’t need to be an expert to see that something wasn’t as it was before. And before they knew it, customers started to be left behind. The special treatment for customers and the efficiency of support and services provided weren’t what they were used to. So in 2010 Michael Burstein and additional people decided that they cannot continue this way and from their point of view they wanted to return to the roots as MBI initially was.

TeraSky was founded in 2010 with the “MBI Spirit” and some of the core people that made MBI what it was before while adding some young blood to their roster and providing again the perfect package for their customers. With the patient of Michael and thinking that only excellence will bring us on-top again it didn’t took too much time and most of the customers from before came back and additional new type of companies joined them.

So as part of reinventing yourself we are always thinking on where we want to be and how to excel their more than others. In the last two years we did many Private Cloud projects Vendor based and Open-Source as well and are defiantly leading this area today in israel. After we understood that it’s only one step before going to the public cloud, we did lots of research in order to go to the best direction for us and provide the best service for our customers.

So we finally decided that the correct way for our customers is to help them bring some of their workloads to the public cloud and allow them to provide a faster pace of development and service for their customers while keeping in mind that at the end it needs to be cost-efficient also. Allowing companies to speed up their cycle of releases and provide a better lifecycle for their services is the most important thing.

Today while i’m sitting in the Keynote Hall at GoogleNext17 conference i can say for sure that we were right on the decision to do this with lots of thoughts before diving into the Public cloud and allowing our customers to go All-In.

To wrap it up i believe it will be an interesting year for us at TeraSky , Read more about the conference in details more in another the next post.

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