Veeam v9 is the new Bully in the neighborhood

So….My New Year’s resolution for 2016 is that I hope I will stay young forever 🙂  , maybe digesting it took time but ,On 22.6.2016 I’m going to be 30 years old which means that I’m becoming a grown up I believe. Well that’s why I’m only writing today for the first time since a long time. There is another thing maybe regarding me becoming a father in the near future but that’s another story 🙂

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The Battle of the species: Veeam Native v.s EMC Data Domain v.s HP StoreOnce

So I’ve thought to myself lately when going to customers and suggesting repositories for their Veeam backed up data, that there is a little haze over what should be best for him. Of course this would be specific per environment and I’m not taking sides her 🙂 but I think a small comparison between the three options should be a good take on subject and of course explanations on the statistics relevant for the Battle of the species.

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Veeam goes physical better than expected

So as you may know already Veeam was always going virtual only, therefore each customer that approached me to find him a solution for their 99% virtualized environment cornered me a little. When we started talking about their NAS at first it was much convincing why moving back from storage NAS services (e.g: NetApp CIFS, EMC VNX Celllera etc) to Normal Windows 2012 File server services would be a better approach for them from an Infrastructure perspective . Of course all of this is per customer environment but I’m talking in small NAS less than 5-6TB. I’m not a Microsoft expert but I can point out enough advantages of why going with MSFS will be a good choice for them regardless of going with Veeam. Suppose this was the easy task, now what’s left is what are we doing with the Physical servers?!

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